Antimicrobial Series

Antibacterial Powder Coating

Antimicrobial Powder Coating


  • Our “Antimicrobial Powder Coating”provides protection against a broad spectrum of micro-organisms,such as AFT,Penicillium citrinum, etc.
  • The cured film exhibits enhanced resistance to bacteria and fungi growth
  • Excellent mechanical properties and corrosion resistance
  • Good flow and leveling properties
  • High temperature stability and excellent color retention
  • Suitable for both exterior and interior applications


  • Chemistry: Epoxy Polyester/Polyester / Polyurethane
  • Particle size: Suitable for electrostatic spraying
  • Specific gravity: 1.4-1.7g/cm3 up to colors
  • Curing schedule(object temp.): 180íŠ/10-15minutes;200íŠ/6-10minutes
  • Storage: Dry ventilation conditions below 30íŠ(open boxes must be resealed tightly)
  • Shelf life:12months


  • Domestic appliances:refrigerators,air blown humidifiers and washing machines etc.
  • Sanitation: Kitchenware,bathroom wears,dish washers and shopping carts etc.
  • Furniture industry:Steel shelving, storage cabinets and trays etc.
  • Healthcare:Hospitals Instrument trays, sterilization equipment, cabinets etc.
  • Food equipment: Serving trays, display cases, food processing equipment etc.


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